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Käännös-Aazet Oy is a translation agency whose strength and success are based on in-depth customer understanding, effective working practices and quality translations. Since it was established almost 40 years ago, Käännös-Aazet has amassed a wealth of experience of translating and transcreating different kinds of text, as well as a wide and far-reaching perspective. Lasting customer and subcontractor relationships have been created through the years. Käännös-Aazet is an established, reputable business.

Succeed with us

Our resources are competent, friendly staff, who know the importance of confidential cooperation and good working customer relationships. Our service-minded staff, together with an extensive partnership network and professional translators, help customers to succeed. At Käännös-Aazet, promptness and efficiency starts with people.

Our core competence areas are public administration, law, marketing and communication, technology, medicine and healthcare, finance and insurance, architecture and construction, the food and forest industries, cultural history, design, art, tourism and gastronomy.

A typical cross-section of the work we do includes translations within public administration, translations of customer and stakeholder magazines, contractual, legal and insurance texts, financial and business texts, annual and interim reports, export and marketing brochures, various media releases, art and cultural institute texts, webpages and localisation projects.

The cornerstone of our business is quality, through which we create customer satisfaction and

Our translation services are based on a quality management system in conformance with the requirements of SFS-EN 15038.