ServicesCustomer-driven expert service

We recognise and understand customer needs. We have been successfully serving customers with quality translations for almost 40 years. Customers who place orders with us benefit from our many decades of experience.

Besides translation services, we also provide editing, proof-reading, DTP, language training and interpreting services.

Our aim is help customers succeed.

TranslationTranslation services promptly and easily

Our own people and an extensive, established network of subcontractors provide the backbone of our quality translation services and comprehensive range of languages offered. Our reliable network of international partners enables us to provide translations for customers in many language areas.

Our comprehensive service includes a full project estimate, translation, language revision and delivery of the finalised translation in the agreed time frame and format.

For a translation to work, translators are needed, transcreative professionals who have the ability to see beyond and communicate more than just individual words. A good translation also requires a confidential and transparent customer relationship.

Authorised translations

An authorised translation is a document translated by an authorised translator (in Finnish: auktorisoitu kääntäjä). An authorised translation is certified as being correct by the signature and stamp of the translator and is a legally valid document with the same probative value as the document in the original language.

Whether or not a translation required certification by an authorised translator depends on the purpose of the document. Official documents intended for the use of the authorities, court documents, various certificates, are examples of cases where an authorised translation is often required.

An authorised translation requires either the source or target language to be one of the national languages of Finland, i.e. Finnish, Swedish or Sámi.

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Proof-readingTranscreation expert

Proof-reading is done by an expert in the target language to check that the language is grammatically correct, is in the right style and is suitable for the culture concerned.

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InterpretingMultilingual communication

Interpreting is oral communication between languages and cultures. We only use professionals for consecutive and simultaneous interpreting. When you need expert help in community or court interpreting, contact us.

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EditingLet our experts help

We help customers perfect their own texts by editing them for the required purpose, taking into account the target audience and any cultural and linguistic requirements of the language concerned.

Editing traditionally means revising, adapting and preparing text for publication or presentation.

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Desktop publishingDiversified communications expert

We can also provide customers with desktop publishing services if required. Our partners include a number of graphic design professionals.

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Language trainingFull-service agency

Language training is one of the most recent additions to Käännös-Aazet’s portfolio of expert services. We aim to help customers maintain and build on their language skills or even help them to learn a new language.

Our language training partner is Promentor Solutions Oy, which has 25 years of experience in language training.

We tailor language training to customer needs and also provide online language training irrespective of time or place.

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